This Harvest Of Woman Born (Part One)

for mom, all moms, this Thanksgiving spent abroad- ❤️✨

Love, truly is a mother

Holding her suckling babe,

Content, unaware and nourished

by these fleshly gourds.

Love, gentle and fierce Like water for chocolate,

The Milky Way pouring out in its infinite infancy

Two planets orbiting The son and a daughter.

Life entangled with water engorged, gushing outwards

Splashing your heart in starlight.

aqui y allí through frigid nights and blackest dreams.

We, forget The suckling sacrifice

Years you saved to raise your kin.

You ask for nought, Sacred feminine,

We forgot- each and all,

She lives One with us- within.

Plans and plants go far away. Sent enthralled and spinning.

So, lay your head down in forests, blue flowers are your crown

Sus hijos, your children, bloomed and they are found.

For Names are more than nouns.

Love pierces through long deserts; then past the farthest towns.

Harvests, always abound stand waiting to be picked, remembered from old ground.

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