On the Road Again/ A Prelude before Mexico

This is just a very quick summary post- but will he expounded in depth in later posts, blogs, and my second book. In the course of three months, I drove 15,000 miles across America 3, 12 states, 2 countries, 16 National Parks(!), 246.6 miles hiked, first book written, 13,000+ photographs/videos taken or recorded, second book started, 1 mental/emotional breakdown, 1 band started, car towed TWO times, 1 night in jail (full chapter/blog post about that to come😆🙈) 1,500 new followers, some close friends lost, many more gained and renewed. Saw the most majestic landscapes and sunsets. Felt one with nature everyday. So very thankful for this trip of a lifetime! 🙏💫🔥 The man who came back to Texas is incredibly different, stronger, more at peace- than the man who left this state, in a tear, in August. I can’t wait to see what surprises and lessons I have awaiting me in Mexico, and beyond.

Words cannot express how thankful I am, and thank you to my friends and family who have been on this journey with me- in person, phone, text, and social media. It took a village, many villages, for Khatena to Do the West.

Believe in your own journey.

If you have a dream or a goal, a vision for

your life- pursue it! You don’t have to have it all done at once. You owe it to yourself to live the life you’ve always dreamed of. Don’t let other people, lack of finances, or purpose be your excuses. Your path will find you, seriously, your destiny will come to you once you start walking out. Put forth the effort and believe in your own worth and your path will come to you. There’s always another way. There’s always something more.

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